Saturday, November 22, 2014

November FNSI

OMGosh it's a month since I posted . . . .Work / Life has been busy...
A late night at work again - thought all that was behind me - so not a lot of sewing done and it's all secret stuff anyway, so I can't show a lot.

I love the incentive of sewing along with everyone . . . .and I enjoy having a look at everyone's posts and progress.  Looking is easy - performing- not so easy!!!
Pop over here and have a look at the others who signed up.

Thanks Wendy for hosting and providing tasty recipes!!!

Oh well not too long til Christmas and holiday time!


  1. any stitching is moving forward on a project.... lovely fabrics.... hope you have a good weekend... hot and humid here.... I expect you are too...

  2. hi Sue good to hear from you,hope you are having a lovely weekend.xx

  3. I know exactly what you mean by not being able to show what you are doing. I am in the same position. So glad it is the weekend so I can continue FNSI ....

  4. Hi Susan! Love the Christmas fabric you are using on your secret sewing.

  5. Nice to have you along even if you are just visiting x

  6. I've popped over from FNSI. Secret sewing is always fun.


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