Thursday, October 9, 2014

Craft & Quilt Fair 2014

On Wednesday I went to the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair. met up with quite a few lovely ladies,  wandered around..all day...spent some a few new ideas......ooh and aahed over some quilts and generally had a very satisfying day. I'm a bit worn out today and a bit more cashless.  Here is part of why:

a few little pieces of Christmas fabric for something ...secret.sewing.... I bought a cute little pack of 1/10ths!!  I unpacked them last night before the photo...shame ...they looked really cute in their little holder...
a few 30cm pieces for some Aussie Hero BOMs I make sometimes,
a bit of ric rac from a grumpy old man who won't sell half metres and rounds the price up to an even dollar ($1.85 became $2, and I couldn't be bothered arguing...but I won't be looking at his stuff again),
a sashiko Christmas tree...(I'd love to start it now but...) and
some red and white to make a quick Engagement present.

There were a few other expenses too - some parlan, something from the "new ideas" department that I really cannot show and I re-joined Queensland Quilters...and purchased the fat quarter for the 2015 Challenge - another Christmas break project...(I need at least 4 weeks off to even skim the surface of my proposed To Do list).
I'm not so sure where all the $$$$ went but I didn't buy anything just for the sake of it.

It was good to see a few new retailers too.

I've been busy and a bit distracted lately, hopefully I can get back to some more blog posts, visits and comments over the next few weeks...though I do have a few things on my sewing (and working) plate/s.


  1. Lovely buys Susan,and that grumpy man doesn't sound very nice.xx

  2. It was so lovely to see you Susan. There were some gorgeous quilts this year! Love your loot..... my purse feels a bit lighter too x

  3. It was so good to see you..... you did well with the fabrics and your ric rac from the grumpy!!! hope you have at Qld quilters... I find being in a group does help get things done and new ideas

  4. A craft show and retail therapy should help your mojo. Sounds like you had a good day out.

  5. Always look forward to a show - lots to buy and ideas to take home. Looks like you have lots of sewing ahead of you. Look forward to seeing it all

  6. Sounds like it was a great day out Susan... what's the 2015 Challenge?

  7. Love this koala fabric! Glad you had fun.


  8. Retail therapy is always good! Never heard of fat 1/10ths before!


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