Sunday, September 21, 2014

FNSI - September

I had great plans -but DH decided we should go out for dinner - so nit much sewing done...I did do a little more on some secret sewing...and today (Sunday) is the big reveal so I think it's OK to show this little bit...

Hopefully next month I will be better organized more productive

Thanks to Wendy for hosting - we had a lovely email chat during the night!


  1. oh well... definitely can't refuse a dinner out....xx

  2. Hi Susan I am with Fiona ,so lovely hubby took you out for dinner,a nice break for you.xx

  3. How lovely to have dinner out with your DH, Susan... intriguing secret peek there !!

  4. Dinner out sounds good. Can sew anytime..
    Nice sneak peek.

  5. Hope you enjoyed your dinner out. Nice sneaky peek.

  6. Now you need to show the rest....that row was gorgeous! xx debbie

  7. loved our 'chat' too Susan.....and you did get 'something' done after matter how big or joined in...and just as well you did....You won one of the prizes!!! Congratulations! If you email me your snail mail, I'll post it off to you soon! xox
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :o)

  8. A dinner out is a pretty good alternativeSusan....hope it was a good one!

  9. Congratulations on your win. That little sneak preview is very tantalising!


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