Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Stitchers - June

Today was the day for our Breast Cancer fundraising  / support day.
We had a guessing competition - how many coffee beans in the jar?? Who knows??  - we only had a picture of the jar - but I was closest so I scored a bag of lovely Lindt chocolates and some fabric
We also had a raffle - and the lucky Helen won that .

We were asked to bring pink food  . . .
probably a few teaspoons of sugar on the table...??

I made these little tea cups and no Sandi I didn't lick them to make them stick!.
Maree made a big pink ribbon cake
and Debbie made some apple & berry crumble in these cute little bowls
There were lots of other yummy things - fortunately some savoury.

All the Gossip girls showed their progress:

Some "oh so cute" pants Debbie has made for premmie babies

Lynda did a class recently with Camille Roskelly and this is the block she worked on...

Inca showed her completed flimsy :Antique Sampler" from Sue Daley

and top prize for the day goes to Helen for finishing her Twilight Garden quilt.  It is beautifully embroidered all over...from a design by Candy Cats.  This is Helen with the Candy Cats designer (we call her Maureen for short)

Such a fun day....


  1. I see you all were having great time, lucky ladies :)
    Beautiful quilts and Gossip blocks!


  2. Such a lovely post Susan,thankyou for sharing your lovely day ,and so glad you didn't use spit to stick your very cute cups and saucers together,lol.xx

  3. What fun way to raise funds for great cancer..
    Lots of lovely show and tell.

  4. I don't know about the tea cup handles, I am not totally convinced They were so yummy that I don't think anyone would have minded how you attached them....
    Great day we all had and so much sugar....goes straight into the blood stream - do you think anyone noticed)....xxxx

  5. Looks like you all had a great day....lovely finishes.....yummy the teacups...

  6. It was certainly a lovely day, Susan!

  7. Fabulous show and tell as usual and of course lovely eats... those teacups are so cute...

  8. It was a very fun day! I always come home feeling so inspired to make more things too. Congrats on your win, you lucky girl! xx debbie

  9. It was a great day Sunday lots of fun and food. Show and was great all the beautiful things that the ladies make .

  10. Good looking spread there Susan.....loving the Gossip girls! Lucky Lynda....I didn't even know that Camille was here till she was here!


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