Sunday, June 8, 2014

FNWF - June

Friday night -Thanks to Cheryll  who hosts Friday Night with Friends - another cyber sewing opportunity...lost a bit of time eating out...and maybe a nanna nap as not a lot to show...I did get this last block traced - so I can cross it off my list for last weekend....

I also finished a knitted square ready to hand over (at the next blog meet) to Maria who spends a lot of her time making up blankets for Brisbane's needy.   Pretty simple - a 10" square in 8 ply garter stitch.

Pop over here to see what everyone else got up to - probably a lot more than me!
Thanks Cheryll for hosting us - and providing the much needed encouragement.

But Saturday was another sewing day so I made a lot of progress stitching that block, 
and on Saturday night I prepared all the snow for my North Pole blocks - I will leave attaching it til I am ready to join all the blocks so I can make sure all the snow lines up...I don't want any snow drifts!!  But I think I can cross off the two remaining jobs from last weekends list...must be time for another list....LOL

Happy long weekend to most!


  1. Tracing is the most important part of our stitchery sew well done..
    Look forward to seeing your snow attached.

  2. Great Tracing...what do you use to trace with...

  3. y6ou did well my friend,it will be fun seeing your tracing come to life,enjouy your long weekend Susan.xx

  4. I think the stitchery is going to look great, Do you use a light box? I forgot to trace and had nothing to do until Saturday when the sun came up!!!

  5. A night well spent Susan. I recognise that stitchery tracing as I made that quilt some years ago.

  6. tracing can take time.. there looks quite a lot in that block...

  7. It must feel good to cross all those things off the list..looks like a lovely stitchery

  8. It's great to get all the prep work done. Now you are all set.

  9. We all so loathe prepararion but it does make way for a nicer finish. Love the stitchery that you are about to start. Is it part of a quilt??

  10. That stitchery design looks gorgeous... can't wait to watch your progress on it. There is nothing quite like a god meal and a nap in my book.


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