Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stitchers March 2014

Today was our Sunday Stitchers meeting day.

A very busy group of ladies stitching away - there might have been a bit of talking, laughing, eating etc going on....

In addition to the "row" quilt some of us are doing and that we can't talk about...much - there is also a group doing "Gossip in the Garden" and today was show day for the middle block.

It seems Cheryl hasn't quite caught up - in fact - she hasn't started...but it's all good..she is such a good sport about it...
I worked on a bit of reverse sewing....cut out bits for a North Pole block and some stitching.

A great day as usual...any day sewing is a good day...true??


  1. It was a very fun day. I enjoyed seeing everyone again :) xx debbie

  2. quite a big group of you... must've got very noisy????

  3. lol you ladies crack me up ,what fun you all have,thankyou for sharing Susan and it was great to finally meet you.xx

  4. Very true! It was a great day. Lots of laughing but lots of stitching too! Cheryl was so funny in that pic x
    Great to catch up with you

  5. Lots of lovely show and tell....I am like Cheryl...must start mine

  6. Wonderful time, wasn't it? :)

  7. It was a lovely day and we did manage to do some stitching - I did more than I usually manage on our days.

  8. Oh wow i know 4 of those ladies in the one pic!!! Cheryl hasnt got hers as she is workinf on Annis


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