Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Next Time . . .

. . . you buy or eat some meat, stop and think about the farmers who work hard to produce it.

A farmers life is not easy - cows do not know it's the weekend or a holiday - or that the farmer needs a break - they still need tendering.
At the moment - a farmers life is even harder - there has been no rain for so long, dams are dry, food has to be bought and shipped in and delivered to the animals, so not only is it more work, there is the financial drain of paying for the feed and the emotional drain.

My blogging buddy Chookyblue is asking us all to stop, think and arouse awareness about the drought.  As she says, if there were fires or a would be in the news and there would be a lot of emergency help...a drought - just goes on and on and seems to be ignored.

Go over to Chookyblue - read her latest posts and give her some support.
This will give you an idea of what the farmers are facing:

a very empty dam

and the dust


  1. Well said Susan.xx

  2. praying for you'll lots of rain but not floods , friend from Georgia, use

  3. good point... this kind of disaster doesn't bring attention...

  4. Well said Susan. This is so hard on all concerned.

  5. thanks for your support Susan............

  6. Here in California, USA, we too have a drought. Our state is one of the biggest producers of fresh produce in the USA. Some areas of the state are not planting because they have no way of getting water to the fields.
    When I read of the trials (fires, floods, drought) in your area we here in CA understand.


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