Sunday, September 29, 2013

An almost finish

Most of my blog readers also know of the Stitch-a-Long blog.
Every month since January we have had a project to do - September is the last project for this year.
I didn't do the August one - by choice - and now I can't finish the September one - I ran out of thread - and the current version of what I used is a pale colour...hopefully the additional silk thread I have ordered will match enough.

But this is where I got to - its finished enough to be able to use - but should have the heart appliqued onto the purple sad not to finish this one on time and finish off the year..


The Stitch-A-Long has been a lot of fun - last year and this and the current participants are hopeful that the wonderful Chookyblue will be able to gather her strength and come up with some plans for 2014. 


  1. So frustrating to have thread issues prevent you from finishing. Still you're very close!

  2. Looking good, very frustrating to run out of thread at this stage.

  3. you know I love it.... don't forget to show us when you get the new silk and manage to finish it!

  4. Looking lovely...bummer to run out of thread.

  5. A lovely "almost finish". I was lucky this time as I was using stock standard DMC and was able to grab some more on Saturday.

  6. So close....looks so good...gorgeous thread used...

  7. Love the colours, hope your thread arrives very soon too! xx debbie

  8. Wonderful stitching!!! and love the colors you will amazing when you get it all done.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so much for leaving your kind comment on my post at Sew Its Finished. I am running way behind blog visiting...

  9. close enough to a finish for me......well done..........hope you get the thread very soon........thanks for being such a wonderful helper.............2014............who knows..........


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