Saturday, August 10, 2013

Retreat 2013 - Day 2

Saturday dawned bright & sunny.  Apart from "having to" eat, we have been pretty much heads down tail up sewing sewing sewing.

We took a short break to have a happy snap.

During the day - apart from working on our projects, some of us spent a bit of time putting a fractured picture together.

We (my patchwork group) have been talking about doing a fractured picture for a long time, but we finally knuckled down in April and started work on this:

5 of us were doing 2 sections each.  This is the result.

On the "Projects" list - by 8pm - Miss High Achiever has completed 4 projects. (4/23)

Other projects that have been completed include these: (taken early in the day)
(Hard to see, Marti - but Susie's Magic Binding is getting a good workout this weekend - 1
 in the photo but 3 lots so far!)

And the board is looking like this:

The sectioned off area (above the wine bottle) are projects left from previous years - the oldest is 2010)

I have purple tags (surprise surprise!!)   And I have done 3.

We use our own definition of "Complete" - it might mean it's truly complete and ready to hang or wrap or...
OR it could mean - only the hand sewing of the binding to do
OR it could mean - just the top completed 

It's whatever it was that we each planned to do on each project.

Still days to go .....better get back to it!!


  1. Your fractured picture looks interesting. Glad you are having a great time. hugs......

  2. good luck with your finishes and love your picture.xx

  3. The fractured picture looks interesting. Hugs,xx

  4. Sounds like all is going very well there.

  5. Love the picture and it looks like you girls are keeping busy...

  6. Nice work on your Fractured Picture...
    I see lots of projects are getting done..

  7. sounds like a lot of fun... the fractured picture is fascinating....


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