Saturday, August 3, 2013

FNWF results

I was lucky to be able to spend a lot of the afternoon and night time sewing (apart from a  little nanna nap!)

During the afternoon I worked on  preparing a block I need to have ready by next Wednesday night.  This is part of it - but I can't really show anymore at this stage.

It looks like an exercise in using up some fact I emptied a few partially full bobbins...but it does have a purpose.  But you will have to wait.  And it did take quite a while to sew.

At night - I finished off these two blocks:

 and I made this binding ready for a cot panel  (it's 2 strips joined together - I'll be using Susie's Magic Binding again.)

All of these are in preparation for my retreat.....coming soon..... (6 sleeps)

Still so much to do.......a few late nights coming up I think. 

Have you ever tried bobbin work?? - here is a close up of a flower from one of those blocks.

Thanks for the company everyone!


  1. yoiu got lots of useful things done... I'm intrigued with that stitching and have never heard of bobbin work before... I like the effect of the magic binding... I must remember to try it...

  2. Hello Susan,

    You must explain in another post what Bobbin work is. Lots of different sewing done at your home for the sew-in.

    Happy days.

  3. I have heard about bobbin work...can't wait to see what you those blocks....

  4. Intriguing ,your blocks look great.!

  5. I haven't heard of bobbin work and would be interested to know more! Always up for learning about something new.

  6. no i havent heard of this sounds very interesting Susan.xx

  7. Yes, need an explanation of bobbin work. You were busy Susan. Sorry we won't be catching up tomorrow. Hugs.....

  8. Never done bobbin work...intrigued????? You got lots done.

  9. The bobbin work looks interesting... and very pretty too!
    Isn't it cute that even as adults we still 'count sleeps'?! x

  10. Like the look of the bobbin work. I have never tried any of this but looks interesting. Can't wait for the reveal of the top piece.

  11. Interesting bobbin work...LOL only 5 more now.....

  12. Very interesting bobbin work, enjoy your upcoming retreat.

  13. I haven't done any bobbin work either but it sure looks interesting. Pretty blocks!


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