Monday, April 1, 2013

March Finishes

I only managed 2 Projects for OPAM and one of them is for Thirteen in '13.
Firstly, my pincushion for SAL  - I had previously posted about that..

Secondly, my Sew Laugh Love - a design by Leanne Beasley...just love her designs.. . is now finished.

The original pattern calls for small pieces of fabric to be appliquéd in the areas that are not stitched.  My bestie bought me a jar of buttons when I missed catching up with her at the Stitches & Craft show - some of them were perfect colours for this project - and there were some square buttons - the perfect size fir this wall hanging - and the only colour missing was yellow - I really wanted a yellow one so I painted one yellow, then re painted some of the pink ones to tone them down a bit.
(See, that's why I hang onto all my old craft stuff - it does come in handy at times.)

I've had to spend a bit of time lately getting hand stitching ready - I have almost run out for now!  Still got plenty of machine work to do.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter break.


  1. Love the stitchery, Susan. So pretty! I have added the threads you gave me to my thread bottle. They really show up amongst what is already there. xx debbie

  2. It really has turned out beautifully and I am inspired to make mine (inbetween everything else). Of course I had to go and look for the yellow button.

  3. well done on the finish...looks great. Hopefully you can find another hand stitching project very soon.

  4. Just gorgeous Susan. Yep the minute you throw something away you find a use for it. Good for you.

  5. Beautiful stitchery ... must have taken quite some time. I think the buttons look perfect! I'm a big fan of buttons.
    And I'm hunting aussies this past week, so consider yourself caught! I'm from the Blue Mountains NSW.

  6. fantastic Susan,love it.xx

  7. I still love it...more each time I see it.... will you bring it for show and tell to the bloggers meet....

  8. Looks so very pretty. Those buttons had your name on them at the Show. Hugs

  9. This is so cute! I have an enormous jar of buttons, some of which were my Mum's buttons so I'm with you on not throwing anything away!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Susan !

  11. Well Done on your Beautiful Finish....

  12. Such a lovely quilt, and buttons look just perfect!


  13. Looks fantastic Susan, I've been waiting to see this finished..... well done.



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