Saturday, January 26, 2013

FNSI - January 2013

Friday night I worked on:
These blocks - finished the purple and stitched the pink one

 Cut 5" squares from a wonderful surprise package from Fiona - I was so keen to get into them I forgot to take a picture before I reduced a healthy pile to this:
 Made the rows for 4 more blocks for my I Spy / Funky fabric Disappearing 9 patch quilt
 and finished off another Thread Catcher:

 Not too bad for a night's work.  I was going to stop at one stage and then I remembered all of you - sewing along with me and I thought I couldn't let you all down - so I kept going - till 11.30pm.

Thanks Bobbi & Heidi for this  brilliant idea!!!   You go here to see what other FNSI'rs did!

Got to get moving - people coming for an  Australia Say Barbecue - shame about the rain!! and still lots of blog hopping to do to check out everyone's efforts from last night...


  1. Your flower blocks look great and so pleased to see some of those fabrics already made up.... what a pretty thread catcher... are you addicted to them????

  2. Love those flower blocks... and those fabrics are gorgeous... nice fabric catcher ha ha... love the comment from Fiona... I've been calling her the Queen of the Thread Catchers xx

  3. pretty flower were very busy. I thought of joining in last night but since I spent the whole day sewing, I had had enough.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. You got lots done Susan. Happy Australia Day to you and the family. Hugs....

  5. Sadly I'm not sewing along with you! All my fabric is in storage until our flood damage is fixed.
    Your nights work is great!

  6. Very productive of you! Hope you had a good day

  7. Love your flower blocks Susan..You achieved a lot. Nice stitching with you.

  8. Great achievement for your night, Susan.

  9. You're working with some great fabrics there Susan! Wonderful FNSI x

  10. Lovely applique. You stayed up late. I love the motivation these groups provide. Beautiful fabric in the thread catcher.


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