Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brisbane Bloggers meet - 9th December 2012

Everyone has said it so well.
Another lovely morning (for me) at the Wishing Well Cafe.
It was a perfect opportunity to meet Peg & Dale.

and catch up with all these lovely ladies:

Unfortunately I had to leave before lunch for my KQ Christmas party.  We had a lot of lovely food and some fun games.
Later in the afternoon we presented "W" with a quilt we had made as a group effort.  He keeps an eye out for our "workshop" when we are not there.

I also collected my Birthday blocks.  Everyone had made me a 9 patch block with novelty/funky fabrics.  I intend to add some more and make a has to be finished before next November.
These are the blocks I have collected:

A busy but fun day.


  1. Oh! Tell me the requirements for the blocks so I can send you some! I would love for your birthday quilt to have some American fabrics in it.

  2. Those Chooks are a pair of social butterflies... errr... Chooks... aren't they?! What a gorgeous gaggle of ladies, and a wonderful quilt for W... x

  3. I did miss you all at the blog meet... hopefully next time but I was child minding this time... silly me said my daughter could go and be bridesmaid at a friends wedding!!! love strippy quilt ... birthday blocks???? I missed your birthday????? I'm doing 9 patch next year at 6 1.2"... what size are yours?

  4. you have been busy Susan,love the quilt.xx

  5. glad you got to meet Peg and Dale.....great chooks aren't they.......shame you had to leave early but atleast you got a quick catch up with the girls..........

  6. Love the strip quilt, would love to make one of these one day.
    Happy Birthday. When was or is yours? Mine is coming up soon as well. Hugs....

  7. Look there we are....LOL....we had the best time every....(um...did Dale behave, she has a bad habit, of sometimes being a bit naughty....LOL.....)

  8. Hopefully next time you will be able to stay the whole time. We will have to set a date for the next one so you have enough warning. Beautiful strip quilt, and your birthday blocks look great.

  9. That's a lovely quilt that was made for W :-) The 'play' of dark and light strips really 'draws' your eyes in! Those birthday blocks are beautiful; some lovely bright colours there.

  10. Wonderful quilt! And you surely had a wonderful time together :)



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