Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fine Dining

I would not normally post photos of food here on my blog - but for a special occasion I am making an exception.

To celebrate the first anniversary of my daughter and SIL's wedding, we joined them and his parents at Baguettes (a well known French restaurant where they had their reception last year).  Its hard to believe its been 12 months!.
Here is my entrée - Baked Camembert

 My main - salmon - can never resist salmon if its on the menu

 and my dessert - rhubarb & pear crumble 

Great food - exceptional service and lots of happiness.


  1. Oh my god! This looks delicious!
    However it's here in Belgium very early for dinner, i would really get hungry by the looks off the dishes.
    My congrats for the coupple.
    Greetings Nanske
    (Sorry for the spelling if its wrong.);-)

  2. oh yum, that food is certainly worth taking pics of! Sounds like a lovely evening out...

  3. what a great night out and that food looks so yummy.xx

  4. YUM ! Sounds like all had a wonderful night out.

  5. oh yum... definitely my choice of a great meal too.... (I always love salmon!!) congrats to the couple..

  6. Baked camembert..........devine! I would have skipped the salmon though and gone straight to dessert!

  7. Hi there...saw you over at stitch-a-long and I love to see pics of food!


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