Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sydney Craft Show - by proxy

I didnt go to the Sydney Craft Show and I'm really sorry I didnt - it would have been so much fun to join in the blog meet.
So, I gave my bestest sewing mate some $$$ and asked her to spend it - what friends do for you sometimes!
The only thing I specifically requested was Natalie Bird's new book - Red Home but mentioned that maybe something from Marg Low would be nice too since she does not come to the Brisbane Craft Show.
That sill left money over for some surprises.

Here is what she got for me:

As well as the Natalie Bird book (personally autographed!!) and 2 patterns from Marg Low she also got me a gorgeous fat quarter bundle and 2 extra pieces of fabric (mmm maybe to make the quilt in Red Home - but certainly pushing me outside my comfort zone - since I am usually a brights/ jewel tones girl), a piece of tape with ruler measurements on it, the gorgeous shopper bag and diary from Quiltmania, plus a few of their cards.  And a NSW Quilters Guild badge - to add to my collection on my Quilt Diva quilt.
A truly wonderful bunch of goodies and  a big thank you to my best friend.

And she is going to make up a DVD of all the pictures that she took of the quilts .  Along with all the blog posts I have read - it's almost as good as being there.


  1. lovely buys there Susan,what a good friend with good taste.xx

  2. Wow... you did really well Susan. Your friend did very, very well.

  3. lovely to get some goodies from the show ...

  4. Your bestie did some great shopping for you.. Enjoy!!!

  5. I think your friend would have had no problem shopping for me too. I love Marg Low's things. I bought some kits from her last year when I went down and also ordered some things from her website this year. She is prompt and great to deal with. I shall look forward to seeing what you make with you new things.

  6. Lovely friend you have, I am sure you are going to have much fun with these goodies.

  7. they were some great buys for you, well done to your friends.

  8. She sounds like the perfect friend, I love the goodies she bought for you!

  9. Lucky girl Susan. I'm definitely going to buy Natalie's new book. Hugs....

  10. How lovely that you trusted her to buy whatever she thought you might want. It looks like she did VERY WELL too!!!

  11. I am running behind with my blog reading at the moment. What a lovely lot of goodies your friend found for you. She would have had such a fun time doing the extra shopping.


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