Thursday, March 1, 2012

SKOW - February row

Here is the final block in the February set of blocks for SKOWThe original was "Pride & Prejudice" but there are all sorts of good books I didnt want to favour just one.

Here is December, January & February - including the set of strips that will go along the bottom.  So I am officially up to date now.

and a toe with red polish just snuck in!!

While I was busy with the camera - Levi was watching and wondering what on earth I was up to.


  1. So great to be up to date... I love how you have done your book....

  2. It is looking good. Well done on being up to date.

  3. Susan it looks fantastic,well done.xx

  4. Oh wow, looking so good, love what you have done with the book, I am waaaaay behind.

  5. Hi Susan, I just came across your post on SKOW and saw you are from Brisbane so had drop by to say hello. I love the colours you have chosen for this bright and happy!
    @ Bits 'n Bobs


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