Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just relaxing on the computer - blogging around!

I have had such a tiring few days - a work Christmas party, Daughter #1's 21st Birthday party at home - for approx 70 people - and it rained a lot - and of course tidying up afterward - today.  I have not touched any sewing for days but was just too pooped to even think about it today, so I thought I would sit for a while and blog.

So I checked Shirley who is making quilts for the family members of the miners who died in NZ - she has plenty now so I will wait for the next call to help before I make any more.

Then I went "travelling" and found a clever tutorial to use an old metal tape measure (the handyman type) - and although I don't think we have one we don't need anymore - perhaps I can buy my husband a new one for Christmas and then use his old one for a very useful idea!  Well I think its useful.

I will be off to bed now so I can get back into sewing - still have some little angels to put together and our Christmas cards to be sent.

Cheers everyone

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