Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilt Diva

This is one of those quilts that I just had to make - it is so "me" that I couldn't resist.  Its a commercial pattern - which I followed almost to the letter - very unusual for me.  I added  a few special touches.  The earrings are small wooden cotton reels - I wound thread around them and formed them into drop earrings.  You might also see I have a very small toy mobile phone attached to the suitcase.

I use this quilt as a place to keep all my special sewing related buttons and badges.

I entered this quilt in the local show (lie a very mini royal easter Show for those who know that) and won 1st prize in the category.  (I suspect it was the visual impact - rather than the technical side that got the judges!).
She hangs in my Sewing "area".

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  1. I am also working on this one and my name is also Susan and am doing the "Breast of Friends quilt too. This is so funny really.
    Your quilt is just fantastic and the Diva is great.


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